Herdhata Agusta         
Departemen of Agronomy and Horticulture, Bogor Agricultural University, 
Bogor 16680, Indonesia

Adress:  Jalan Meranti Wing 13 Level 5, Campus IPB, Darmaga Bogor 16680, Indonesia

Tel-Fax: +622518422414, Mobile: +6281381087430  
 and h@agusta.info  URLhttp://www.agusta.info 

Stand: Jan 2013

Training Records:

01.2013 – 01.2013

Training on  SNI ISO/IEC 17025:2005 – Internal Audit of Laboratory Management system, Validation of Analyses Methods, Quantification of Uncertainty. Balai Besar Industri Agro, Bogor.

03.2010 – 03.2010

Refresh : Training on Damage and Loss Assessment (DALA), sponsored by WORLD BANK and National Agency for  Disaster Mitigation (BNPB)

11.2009 – 11.2009

Training on Damage and Loss Assessment (DALA): case on West Sumatra Earthquake, Red Top Hotel, Jakarta. Sponsored by WORLD BANK, UNDP-SCDRR, and National Agency for Disaster Mitigation (BNPB).

07.2008 – 08.2008

Training on Document Compiler for Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL B), Environmental Research Center, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

06.2008 – 06.2008

Training on Evaluator for Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL A and C), Environmental Research Center, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

06.1996 -- 09.1996

Management Training :  Profession Training Center (BBZ), Esslingen, Germany, sponsored by German Governmental Labour Office

04.1995 – 05.1995

Organization and Management Training, Loquenz, Tuebingen, Germany, sponsored by German Governmental Labour Office

06.1990 – 10.1990

Trainnee for Computer Center operator : Debis (Daimler Benz Inter Services), Stuttgart, Germany sponsored by the Daimler Benz Company

09.1989 – 10.1989

College on Soil Physics, InternationalCenter forTheoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy,  sponsored by Int. Atomic Energy Agency, UNESCO and Italian Gov.

10.1985 – 09.1990

Graduated as Dr. sc. agr., Faculty of Agriculture and Landscape Ecology, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany.

German language course and the Study was sponsored by German Education Exchanged Service (DAAD)

Research  was sponsored by Federal Environmental Ministry, Germany, entitled: The application of partially hydrolyzed  lignocellulose waste of forestry and agriculture for erosion control, weed control and conservation of water soluble phosphate in the soil (in German)

01.1978 – 09.1982

Studying agricultural sciences, graduated as Sarjana Pertanian (major : Agronomy), Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia




Teaching and research staff  with the conduction of various research & projects in agronomy and environmental sciences of  Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

03.08 - 03.11

Governing Board Member of PT TUV-NORD Indonesia

09.05 - 11.05

Research at University of Hohenheim, Germany, sponsored by German Academic Exchange Service

04.95 – 08.96

Administration and controlling staff,  Alicon GmbH, German Ecofarming Control Agency, Esslingan, Germany

08.92 -- 11.94

Organization Department Staff of HLS-Leasing GmbH, Filderstadt, Germany

10.91 – 06.92

Research staff of Institute of soil and environmental analyses, Stuttgart, Germany

03.91 – 08.91

Direct-Marketing staff (VPC Staff) of Yves-Rocher GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

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